The Absolute Guide to Selecting Between Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium

It’s one of the questions I get asked most often these days. Besides “Which data flow solution are you talking about?” šŸ˜…:

“What is the difference between Power BI Premium and Azure Analysis Services, and how do I select the service that fits my needs best?”

Microsoft has made it clear that they see Power BI Premium as their primary enterprise BI platform, and is rapidly releasing features to accelerate enterprise adoption. The roadmap includes options like XMLA endpoints, shared and certified datasets, and improvements for paginated reports.

Okay Dave, enough said! Let’s go for Power BI Premium because it has it all, right? Right..?

Well… Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy choice. While Microsoft is working hard on converging Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium, there are currently still things Azure Analysis Services provides that Power BI Premium does not (yet). Furthermore, we must not forget the fundamental differences between these two services. Azure Analysis Services is a PaaS offering, and Power BI Premium is a SaaS offering.

Let me help you with your challenge, by providing a little tool that takes these things into consideration, and helps you select the service that suits your needs best!

The Absolute Guide

I’ve created a Power BI report to help you decide between Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium. You can use the embedded report below, or via this direct link.

Please open the report on a desktop or tablet, as it does not scale very well on mobile devices.

Please post your questions and feedback in the comments below, or send a message on Twitter!

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